Pre-College (College Preparatory Class)

Undergraduate programs Bachelor's programs:

  • Voice (Bachelor's in Opera and Concert Music, B. Mus.)
  • Jazz and Pop Music (B. Mus.)
  • Piano (B. Mus.)
  • Church Music (B. Mus.)
  • Teaching Music in Secondary Schools (B. Ed. Music, Music Education)
  • Orchestral Instruments (B. Mus.)

Postgraduate degree programs:

  • Jazz and Pop Music (M. Mus.)
  • Church Music (Diplom A)
  • Church Music (M. Mus., currently being planned)
  • Sound Art Composition (M. Mus.)
  • Piano (M. Mus.)
  • Teaching Music at Secondary Schools (M. Ed.)
  • Song Accompaniment and Correpetition (M. Mus.)
  • Music Theory (M. Mus.)
  • Orchestral Instruments (M. Mus.)
  • Organ Improvisation (M. Mus.)
  • Organ Music Playing (M. Mus.)
  • Voice (M. Mus.)
  • "Concert Exam" (Instrumental or Voice)
  • Doctorate (Music Theory)
  • Doctorate (Music Education)

Continuing education: