School of Music Friends Association

Since its establishment in 2001, the non-profit "Friends Association of the Mainz School of Music" ("Freundeskreis Musikhochschule Mainz e.V.") has supported education at the JGU School of Music. The association includes current and former members of the School of Music and of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as well as figures from the cultural and economic realms of public life.

We work together
to further the artistic development of young musicians. Because we know that a successful start in an artistic or artistic-teaching career depends on a number of factors such as a high level of personal commitment from students and teachers, the opportunities to further develop one's own artistic potential through professional experience, and, last but not least, the quality of the study environment.

We help
when public resources are scarcely available or not available at all. The activities of the School of Music Friends Association include:

  • the development of artistic projects
  • workshops and courses
  • the promotion of young artistic talent
  • contacting possible patrons and sponsors for initiatives at the Mainz School of Music
  • the support in the purchasing of instruments and equipment.

We would like to ask you to
support our young artists and play a part in the development of highly-talented musicians. As a member of the "Friends Association of the Mainz School of Music," you will always be close to the action at our institution as well as receiving invitations to our events and the opportunity to personally meet the young artists. And, what's more, by being a member, you will also be making a contribution to the further development of Mainz as a center of culture and learning.