Guitar (M. Mus. – post-graduate degree course)

Overview of the degree program

Standard period of study 4 semesters (2 years)
Overall scope

120 credit points

28 semester hours

Admission requirements

A Bachelor's degree in Music or an equivalent degree awarded by a university in Germany or abroad

Successful completion of a aptitude test

At least one year of practical experience after acquiring the qualifying university degre

Candidates applying for the aptitude test, who have neither a German general qualification for university entrance nor a degree / graduation in a German speaking course of studies have to prove sufficient knowledge of the German language (comparable with level A1-GERR). This can be proven either through submission of appropriate test certificates or through a conversation with the Board of Examiners during the aptitude test. If necessary, the Board of Examiners advices to take part in study-integrated German classes according to the respective language skills.

Degree Master of Music (M. Mus.)
Course structure

Practical examination after the 1st semester (20 minutes)

Practical examination after the 2nd semester (20 minutes)

Practical examination after the 3rd semester (15 minutes) and examination in chamber music (15 minutes)

Master's examination following the 4th semester (60 minutes)

Course contents

The course of studies encompasses the compulsory modules:

Major subject l through IV
Chamber music I through IV

and 1 elective compulsory module

Interdisciplinary studies / Context studies

Courses of the School of Music and its cooperation partners

Master's examination
  1. Module-by-module exams during the course of studies
  2. Public concert (60 minutes) with a written concert introduction (6000-7000 signs)


Entry Requirements

  • Students should hold a Bachelor‘s degree or a similar degree-equivalent diploma in Music, specialising in guitar.
  • An aptitude test must be undertaken in the form of an audition. Candidates are required to prepare a varied 45 minute programme (to ­include at least one work by J.S. Bach), from which 20 minutes will be chosen for performance during the audition.
  • A short interview with the audition panel, ­conducted in German (about 10 minutes duration).
  • One year’s professional work experience
    (e.g. concerts, teaching, competitions, recording).
  • For international students, in addition to German language skills at a minimum B1-GERR level
    (verification within the aptitude test is possible), English language skills are also required.
  • The course can be started in both the winter and summer semester.


How to Apply

Audition applications should be made directly to the student office of the Hochschule für Musik Mainz.

When completed it should be posted to the address on the form, along with:

  • Certified copy of previous academic achievements (e.g. Bachelor’s degree plus supplements/transcripts).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Audition programme.
  • Repertoire list of significant works already studied.
  • Examples of at least one year’s professional work experience (e.g. concerts, teaching, competitions).
  • Two stamped self-addressed envelopes (C4).
  • An application to study must also be made to the ­Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.

Important for applicants with foreign certificates:

An application for the recognition/validation of foreign certificates must be made to the International Admission Office of the Johannes Gutenberg-­Universität. Please be aware that this process can take up to 6 weeks to complete. The fee for the recognition/validation of ­foreign certificates is € 60.00.

The deadlines for the audition application at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz are:

Summer semester 1 November
Winter semester 1 April

This is required for the - also essential - application at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz.
Deadlines for this are:

Summer semester 1 March
Winter semester 1 September



Tuition fees: € 2580.00 per semester

Semester fee at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz: see here

The semester fees include a semester ticket, allowing free ­travel on public transport between Mainz and Koblenz, and also other selected parts of Rheinland-Pfalz and ­Hessen.

At present in Rheinland-Pfalz there are no separate fees for international students.


Requirements for the aptitude test

The applicant proposes a representative concert programme of their choice (duration: 45 minutes, at least one movement from a piece by J.S. Bach). Immediately before the test, the examination board will pick the pieces that are going to be played - in total 20 minutes. Afterwards, there will be a short discussion of 10 minutes over the course of which sufficient command of the German language will be tested as well.

The aptitude tests take place on the respective dates for the winter and summer semesters at the School of Music in Mainz or at Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy gGmbH. If necessary, it can also be held outside of the usual time frames.The applicants will receive a written invitation two weeks prior to the test. Not showing up to the test without a good reason or ending the examination early will result in failing the test. If a good reason is given, the applicant will be invited for an alternative date.