Young Ensemble

"Just as you need a piano to practice piano, you need a theater to rehearse for the theater..." (Max Reinhardt)


In their first engagements, young artists learn that success doesn't just depend on their vocal abilities. Audiences and producers also expect theatrical and acting skills. Max Reinhardt, in his famous dictum, insisted that young opera singers must experience the theater system while they train. It was precisely with the aim of developing acting potential and sharpening perception for theatrical work that the Mainz State Theater, in cooperation with the JGU School of Music and the Peter Cornelius Conservatory of the City of Mainz, established the "Young Ensemble" at the Mainz State Theater.

The Young Ensemble provides qualified singing students with training in the subjects of Theatrical Education and History of Theater. In addition, the members of the Young Ensemble are given the opportunity of participating in the productions of the Mainz State Theater, allowing them to gain stage experience under professional conditions. The training period in the Young Ensemble lasts for one season, with the option of having it extended once by one year. There is no charge for participating in the Young Ensemble.

In order to be accepted into the Young Ensemble, students must have completed basic theatrical training (usually after the sixth semester) and must pass a two-stage admission procedure where the singing and acting abilities of the applicants are tested.