Recording Studio

Sound recordings and the creative use of new media have become an essential part of the everyday working lives of professional musicians. In the professionally equipped recording studio of the Mainz School of Music, students have the opportunity to gather experience in artistic music production with appropriate guidance.

In Jazz programs, creative music production is a fixed component of the training. All aspects of the artistic process from composition and arrangement, recording, editing, and mixing are covered independently by the students as they produce their own musical piece. Recordings from the outstandingly equipped studio with its own acoustically optimized recording room can be reworked by the students on their own at several fully equipped computer workstations.

Students of Classical Music (Orchestral Instruments or Voice) can create high-quality recordings for competitions, applications, etc. that meet the highest current technical standards. In the process, they can collect experience in the skilled interpretive work of artistic sound recordings and prepare themselves in terms of subsequent recording situations to be competent interlocutors for sound mixers or sound engineers. The school's concert halls are connected to the recording studio via a digital audio network, which means high-quality, multi-track concert recordings or CD productions can be recorded for school purposes.

In the Master's program Sound Art Composition, particular emphasis is placed on surround sound. Here, the students can benefit from the wide range of technical possibilities available in the modernly equipped control room with a high-quality 5.1 surround sound system. Other multichannel and complex sound installations can also be realized by way of experiment. Various methods of digital sound synthesis as well as a MIDI workstation are available to students in the Sound Art Composition Master's program to help them be closely acquainted with the world of electronic sounds, musique concrete, and acoustic art.

In the recording studio area, there is a digital video editing station as well as a composer workstation connected with a keyboard, which means students can also produce film music and video scoring. In addition, the school has a multichannel portable sound system for external concerts as well as permanently installed systems in the concert halls.