Organizational Aspects

The central supervisory bodies of Mainz School of Music are the University Management Board and the Council of Mainz School of Music. Mainz School of Music has ten departments corresponding to the various fields of study together with management, staff unit and administration offices and other facilities, such as a student advising office and library.

We work closely with the various departments of Central Administration at JGU:

  • Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG)
  • Finance and procurement Real estate
  • International State University Fund
  • Human resources
  • Learning and Teaching Technical services
  • Central services.

The core institutions of JGU undertake tasks as defined in the University Act in various fields of research and are also responsible for research transfer, teaching, study, information and communication technology as well as continuing academic education; they are under obligation to take an interdisciplinary approach to these duties. These institutions include:

  • The Gutenberg Research College (GRC)
  • The Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC)
  • The Center of Data Processing
  • The University Library
  • The Studium generale program
  • The Foreign Language Center
  • The International Preparatory College Mainz
  • The Teacher Training Center
  • The Center for Continuing Education
  • The Center for Quality Assurance and Development
  • The Media Center
  • The Collegium musicum.