Press and Public Relations

Media and PR • Event and project management • Placement of musicians

We inform on what is happening here, the school’s activities, developments, successes, and, of course, our public concert events. To this end, we not only use classic PR tools and our website, featuring an up to date online event calendar (in German), but also the regular newsletter (in German), the printed semester program, and other event-related releases.

For teachers, students, and partners of the School of Music, we are the point of contact for the entire artistic operation. In conjunction with the respective project managers and the relevant committees, we plan, coordinate, and organize events of the widest possible variety, from lecture evenings and examination concerts to inaugural concerts, theatrical projects, concert series, collaborative events etc., right up to competitions, workshops ,and master classes.

We work closely with our colleagues in the central JGU Press and Public Relations Office and also coordinate the musical setting for a wide range of events at JGU. External clients can also make use of the service provided by our musician placement team.

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