International Student Applications

We are always delighted to receive applications from outside Germany. However, apart from passing the aptitude test, you must also meet some other criteria before you can start studying for a degree at the Mainz School of Music. These include, amongst other things, possession of the university entrance qualification and knowledge of German.


Your higher education entrance qualification

Applicants with foreign qualifications must submit the “Application for recognition of foreign qualifications” until February 10th (for an application for the winter semester) and until September 9th (for an application for the summer semester) online at Student Service Admission International Recognition / Studierendenservice Zulassung International-Anerkennung!

A delayed application is possible – however timely processing by 01.04. (application deadline for the winter semester) or 01.11. (application deadline for the summer semester) can no longer be guaranteed.
Admission to the aptitude test is only possible with a valid or provisional certificate of recognition. This must be submitted with the application.

Detailed information on the process of recognizing your certificates and the required documents can be found on the following pages. The employees there are also available for consultations by prior arrangement.

Your German language skills

Information on the language requirements in the individual courses:

  • For an artistic course (Bachelor) you need language certificates at level B2.
    Exception Bachelor Jazz: Mastery of the German language at level A1 is checked in the aptitude test.
  • For an artistic course of study (master's, concert exam, master class), mastery of the German language is tested in the aptitude test.
    Exception Master song accompaniment: Proof of B1 level before the start of the course
    Exception Master Church Music: language certificate DSH-1
  • For the courses in elementary music education, teaching and master’s degree in music theory, you need the language certificate DSH-2.

Note: Your proof of language proficiency only needs to be submitted when you are admitted/enrolled at Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU). Prior registration for the aptitude test at the Hochschule für Musik is therefore also possible without a certificate.

For more detailed information on the relevant procedures and the necessary documentation, please visit the JGU information website for international applicants. Make an appointment with the staff there and you will get a lot of good advice.

For the deadlines you need to be aware of, please check the main page for applications.