Exam Sound Art Composition

Overview of the course

Please note that this course can normally only be offered in fields where Mainz School of Music has a full-time teacher available.

standard period of study 4 semesters (2 years)
total extent 120 ECTS, 12 semester hours
admission requirement
  1.  An artistic degree in sound art composition or a comparable field of studies with an undergraduate degree, a state examination or a master's degree
  2. aptitude assessment examination
degree "Meisterschülerbrief" (diploma for the exam in sound art composition)
study objective The objective of this postgraduate course is to impart excellent artistic skill, a distinct artistic style, professional concept and implementation development and the ability, the aptitude and the basics for an independent career as a composer of sound art in a professional environment
study structure Public exit exam in the 4th semester
study content The course contains the subjects sound art composing tuition and sound art composing colloquium
examination Public presentation (exhibition, concert, performance, artistic project, production, etc.) of an artistic work or Project. The viewing of the graduation exhibition or presentation functions as the exit exam. The location of the exit exam should be in Mainz or in the Rhine Main Area. Further away locations require permission.

Requirements for the aptitude test

The aptituide test is made in the context of an aptitude interview (between 20 to 45 minutes per applicant). We assess whether or not the applicant has the required skills and motivation to successfully complete their studies of sound art composition. The applicants present their previous artistic works. Furthermore, we enquire About the applicants' artistic educational Background as well as their general interests and the expectations the applicants have for their studies. In case the applicant cannot travel to Mainz for the aptitude test, the interview can be conducted via Skype.

Please enclose the following documents to your application for the aptitude test:

  1.  The verification of your previous Degree (graduation or state examination certificate)
  2.  Curriculum vitae
  3.  Letter of motivation for this course
  4.  Course-related samples of your previous works (e.g. Videos, images, texts, CDs, etc.)
  5.  Specification of the planned artistic Projects in the intended studies