Aptitude test

Passing the aptitude test is a prerequisite for admission to all programs of study at the JGU School of Music. In the aptitude test, applicants must prove that they possess the artistic and music theory skills necessary to study Music. In addition, they must demonstrate that they are able to achieve the desired degree or qualification within the standard period of study. The Aptitude Test Directive of the School of Music forms the legal framework for the execution of the aptitude test.

Each aptitude test consists of several parts:

  • an artistic/practical component (playing an instrument or singing in an audition)
  • a music theory component (aural, composition)
  • possibly other tasks (e.g. an intake interview).

Depending on the program of study being applied for, the aptitude test can comprise different tasks. For more information on the requirements for the various programs of study, please see under "Study options".

For appointments of the aptitude tests as well as for tips and preparatory courses have a look at our special pages (german).