FAQs on the application and qualifying examination procedures

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to the application process and the qualifying examination. If you have other questions not answered here or would prefer to receive advice personally, then please contact our student advising office. We are there to help you!

1. Can I participate in courses as a guest Auditor?

Guest auditors may temporarily take part in our group lessons at any time. Many intending to study music use this opportunity to find out what will be required of them. However, if you wish to regularly take part in continuing education courses at the Mainz School of Music, you will need a guest auditor ID card for which a fee is charged. For more information on this please visit the Guest Auditor web page.

2. Is it possible to study music in Mainz without holding a degree equivalent to the German 'Abitur'?

It is possible under certain conditions and for certain degree programs at the School of Music. For more information please visit the 'Studying music without Abitur' web page.

3. Is there an age limit for applicants?

No. We recommend that you talk with an advisor before applying for admission to the qualifying examination.

4. I'm currently taking my 'Abitur' exams. Can I submit my 'Abitur' diploma for the application at a later date?

Yes. Please be certain to submit your application in a timely manner and add a formless confirmation from your school that you are currently taking your 'Abitur' exams. Submit a notarized copy of your 'Abitur' diploma as soon as you receive it.

5. I missed the application deadline. Is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately no — try again at the next available deadline. Closing deadlines for admission to the qualifying examination are posted in a timely manner on our website under Schedule and Deadlines.

6. Is it possible to apply for several degree programs at once?

You can apply for only one degree program at the Mainz School of Music at any one time.

7. How often can I take the qualifying examination?

For the same degree program: twice. This is the rule specified in the examination regulations and the qualifying examination regulations.

8. Does the university offer a preparatory course for the qualifying examination?

Yes, we offer preparatory courses in collaboration with the State Music Council of Rhineland-Palatinate. The courses cover harmony & counterpoint and ear training and are offered with two specializations: Classical music and Jazz and Pop Music. Students interested in a degree program in school music (Teaching certification for college preparatory secondary schools) can also take an additional course on school-relevant piano practice ('Schupra'). The course is held during the semester at the Mainz School of Music. There is a course fee. The course dates will be published at the start of the lecture period.

9. Are there sample written examinations to prepare for the qualifying examination?

Sample written examinations are available for download from the web page 'Tips for preparation for the qualifying examination'.

10. What is meant by "Examination Program" on the application for admission to the qualifying examination?

The examination program is a list of the pieces that you will sing/play during the qualifying examination. It is required for all instrumental/vocal examinations and can be modified up to two weeks before the examination.

11. What is meant by "Repertoire List" on the application for admission to the qualifying examination?

The repertoire list encompasses the essential musical works that you have worked on to date. It is only required for the respective major subject and is purely informative in nature; it will not be used for questioning or review during the qualifying examination.

12. Can I bring my own band along for the qualifying examination for Jazz and Pop Music?

No, this is not allowed. You will be playing or singing together with students from the Mainz School of Music. An exception is made for singers; they are permitted one accompanist.

13. Can I attend the qualifying examination as a guest?

External guests are not permitted. Qualifying examinations are restricted to the university community, i.e., only members of the Mainz School of Music, its instructors, staff, and already enrolled students can attend.

14. Are qualifications gained elsewhere accredited?

Documented qualifications that have been acquired elsewhere are credited when they are relevant for the selected degree program at the Mainz School of Music. The accreditation process will be initiated after you have successfully completed the qualifying examination. We recommend that you talk with an advisor in the student advising office in a timely manner.