Cortona Historical Organs Masterclass


The School of Music of JGU in cooperation with the Associazione per il Recupero e la Valorizzazione degli Organi Storici di Cortona organize the MasterClass onto the Cortona’s historical Organs october 2012, 14-20.

The MasterClass will be taught by Gerhard Gnann (Germany), Master manager-teacher and Luca Scandali (Italy), Guest-teacher.

Preliminary information

The Master Class on Cortona’s historical Organs is opened to people who are studying at conservatories anywhere, but also to graduates. The Master Class will take place during the period 16-22 October, including the day of arrival and departure.

Course Programme: South German, Italian, and Spanish music.

The maximum number of participants (active students) is 16. The Master Class comprehends for each participant at least one hour daily (alone or in groups). The ancient Organs, according to the Headmaster, can be freely used by the students. Visits are planned to some museums and historic cities of Tuscany. Applications for the admission will be examined by the Hochschule fuer Musik of Mainz, in cooperation with the Headmaster of the course. The decision of acceptance is made by the Hochschule.

Admitted applicants do not have to pay any registration fee.
Logistics: The participants arrange and pay their travel expenses on their own account. Meals can be eaten in a restaurant for a very reasonable price. For more information please see the updates to this statement or send an Email to: or