Concert Exam Choir Conducting

Overview of the course

Please note that this course can normally only be offered in fields where Mainz School of Music has a full-time teacher available.

standard period of study 4 semesters (2 years)
total extent 120 ECTS, 28 semester hours
admission requirement
  1. A degree in school music (state examination or master's degree) or an artistic degree in a comparable field of studies with an undergraduate degree, a state examination or a master's degree
  2. aptitude assessment examination
degree Concert exam
study objective The objective of this postgraduate course is to deepen and advance the students' knowledge and technical/artistic skills from their previous studies to prepare them for concert performances.
study structure
  1. partial test at the end of the 2nd semester
  2. partial test during the 3rd semester
  3. partial test at the end of the 4th semester
study content The course contains the subjects conducting tuition, full score and continuo playing, piano, singing and Coaching/correpetition
examination Three partial tests (see above) including a public concert with the conducting of a demanding choral work (approx. 45 minutes)

Requirements for the aptitude test

The aptituide test is a five-tier selection procedure over the course of two days.

First day: Hearing training, artistic piano playing, full score and piano reduction playing, Lied accompaniment, singing

Second day: Conducting

  • Written examination for hearing training: Test (duration: 60 minutes): Monodic atonal dictation, two-part polyphonic dictation with augmented tonality, notation of chords with major-minor tonality, identification of the form of a choral or orchestral work, identification of the instrumentation of an excerpt from an orchestral piece, rhythmic dictation
  • Practical artistic examination for piano, full score and piano reduction playing and Lied accompaniment: Presentation of three fairly difficult to difficult works from three different stylistic periods
  • Applies only to the course choir conducting: Practical artistic examnation for full score and piano reduction playing and Lied accompaniment: Prepared presentation of a self-chosen choral orchestral work with transposing instruments, unprepared presentation of a Bach choral with old clefs, a modern choral score, a string quartet movement and a piano reduction; accompaniment of a Lied
  • Practical artistic examination for singing: Presentation of a self-chosen Lied and a self-chosen aria, sight-singing
  • Practical artistic examination for conducting: Conducting of a demanding orchestral recitative (with two pianos, 10 minutes), rehearsal with the choir of the School of Music or another choral ensemble (20 minutes). Both works will be communicated to the applicant in writing at least 14 days before the aptitude test.

Please enclose an uncut DVD (time Limit: 15 minutes) with a freely Chosen program to your application. The applicant has to be clearly identifiable on the DVD and the material must be adequate in quality.