Freshman students

The application process

The following describes the application process for potential students who possess a qualification that entitles them to study at a German university, such as the 'Abitur'. Those who would like to study here and hold foreign qualifications entitling them to study at universities can find more information about the related procedures in the section 'International Applicants'.

1. You select your degree program

Please note that you can apply only for one degree program at a time at the Mainz School of Music. For more extensive information about the individual degree courses, vocational opportunities, and course requirements, please see the section on 'Courses'. We will be happy to advise you in selecting a course of study. Contact information can be found in the column to the right.

2. You register for the qualifying examination at the Mainz School of Music

You will need to submit a written application for admission to the qualifying examination at the Mainz School of Music. Please pay attention to the application deadlines:

  • for entry beginning in a winter semester: April 1
  • for entry beginning in a summer semester: November 1

The postmark date on the application is decisive. Extension of these deadlines is NOT possible. Several of our degree programs provide for admission in the winter semester only. More information on this can be found in the respective degree program information.

The registration form for the qualifying examination is available for download (see the download link in the column to the right), in person from the student advising office of the Mainz School of Music, or will be sent to you by mail if you provide a stamped and self-addressed return envelope (DIN C4, EUR 1.55).

Hochschule für Musik Mainz

an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

D 55099 Mainz.

The following documents are also required in addition to the registration form:

  • copy of your university admission qualification
  • where applicable, a copy of already acquired qualifications (for transfer students)
  • a CV in tabular form with information on the applicant's musical background
  • where applicable, examination program and repertoire list (depending on the requirements of the selected degree program)
  • a passport photo.
  • as the case may be acceptance of foreign preparatory training certificate

Submission of the registration form is a binding commitment to participate in the examination. Any applicant who fails to appear for the examination without providing adequate justification in document form (such as a medical certificate) will be judged to have failed the examination. Applicants who fail the exam are allowed to repeat the qualifying examination once only.

3. You apply to the university

An online form is available for your application to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Application deadline for the summer semester:

  • Master's degree program: November 15
  • Other degree programs: January 15
  • Concert exam/Exam Sound Art Composition/ Master Guitar: March 01

Application deadline for the winter semester:

  • Master's degree program: May 15
  • Other degree programs: July 15
  • Concert exam/Exam Sound Art Composition/ Master Guitar: September 01

4. Your submitted documents are reviewed

Registration for the qualifying examination: The student advising office at the School of Music will review whether the formal requirements for admission to the qualifying examination in the desired degree program have been met and whether the submitted application documents are complete. We will contact you if anything is missing or unclear.

Application to the university: The Student Service Center at Mainz University will process your application for admission, in consultation with the student advising office at the School of Music if necessary.

5. You attend the qualifying examination

You will be informed of the date and time of the qualifying examination by the School of Music in writing at least two weeks before the start of the examination. The result of the qualifying examination will be sent to you in writing shortly after the qualifying examination. This document must then be submitted to the university's Student Service Center.

6. You receive a letter of admission

If you wish to take advantage of the offer of a place, you must transfer the semester fee by the deadline indicated in the letter of admission. The letter will also inform you whether any necessary documentation is still required or whether the acceptance of the admission offer must be confirmed in writing.

7. You are enrolled

... once you have transferred the semester fee and supplied all required documents. The university's Student Service Center will then send you your matriculation documents. These include a regional transit ticket, a number of copies of your certificate of enrollment, and general information about the start of the semester.

8. You start your program

In the week prior to the start of lectures, introductory events will be held. As a first semester student or transfer student, it is highly advisable for you to attend these. The dates and times of the individual events will be indicated in the enrollment documents. Introductory events for music students are also announced via posters at the School of Music and are published on our website.