Can I study Music without having a higher education entrance qualification?

Under certain circumstances, you can begin selected programs of study in Music even if you do not have a general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification. The following are the options available in such cases:

Examination for outstanding students

A school leaving certificate, category I, is sufficient for enrollment into the following programs of study:

    • Bachelor's in Opera and Concert Music
    • Bachelor's in Orchestral Instruments
    • Bachelor's in Piano
    • Bachelor's in Jazz and Pop Music

if the applicant has achieved at least the grade of "Good" in the chosen instrumental major subject or in the major subject of Voice and has passed the aptitude test as a whole.

The deadline for applications is the same as that for freshmen. Instead of the higher education entrance qualification, please enclose a certified copy of your school leaving certificate with your application.

The B.Ed. Music (Teaching Music in Secondary Schools) as well as the Bachelor's degree in Elementary Music Teaching are exceptions to this. For these courses, applicants must have the general higher education entrance qualification or an equivalent university entrance qualification in order to be considered for admission to the aptitude test.

Study options for professionally qualified applicants without the higher education entrance qualification

Persons who are qualified based on their professional experience or who are deemed particularly capable can, regardless of the subject, enroll in university provided they meet certain criteria. The details are specified by way of a State Directive (BUStudVO). In order to study Music, applicants must also pass an aptitude test.