Wind Instruments and percussion Division

The division of wind instruments and percussion offers the study of the orchestra instruments flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone and percussion in the study courses “Bachelor orchestra instruments” (8 semesters), “Master orchestra instruments” (4 semesters) and “Concert exam orchestra instruments” (4 semesters).

The focus of the study lies on the artistic education with the main- and secondary subject. Additionally there are theoretical, scientific and educational subjects.
In the division are only half professorships with one exception. Most of the teachers play in orchestra. Because of that the students can see the life of a professional orchestral musician with everything around.
After a successful audition the students can become a part of the “Junge Ensemble Philharmonie”. That is a project of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz and the School of Music Mainz and the students can make an internship of one year in the orchestra.
In most cases there are small classes in which the students are intensively promoted. The communication between the wind classes are promoted by class auditions. In the Orchestra of the School of Music and in chamber music projects the students can expand their orchestra and chamber music experience. Additionally, the division offers audition training at weekends and workshops for young musicians who are interested in studying music. These courses are in the time around Easter.
The bachelor “orchestra instruments” is the first graduation which qualifies you for the jobs in an orchestra, in chamber music, or as a teacher.
In the master study course can you expand your instrumental and artistic qualities. The course concert exam is the highest graduation for students with a solistically potential.
Each second year there is a competition for the students of the concert exam. The winner gets the chance to play a solo concert with the “Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz”.