Voice Division

With study programs in "Voice Music Teaching" (Diplom-Gesang), "Diploma in Voice" (Diplom-Gesang) and the bachelor programs "Opera" and "Concert" and the master program "Master of Voice", we offer undergraduate and postgraduate training courses leading to artistic and art-pedagogical qualifications.

Our goal is to best prepare students for the demands of a career in singing in musical theaters, concert halls, and opera houses, covering the genres opera, oratorio and lieder singing, and to prepare those entering the voice pedagogic sector. In addition to voice studies, students can choose modules in other disciplines, such as dance, languages​​, art theory and esthetics, new music, musicology, and theater studies. Such interdisciplinary study broadens perspectives beyond pure music and musicology.

Beyond vocal qualifications, the next generation of opera singers will need highly developed acting skills. This is why the study program for all voice students includes drama lessons, body training, dialog dynamics, Commedia dell'Arte, and participation in productions of the Mainz School of Music and its cooperation partners, the theaters in the city of Mainz and the region. This offers our students the unique chance to stand on stage and work with conductors and directors under professional conditions while still studying. This motivates and provides a practical element which is important for the future.

Together with the State Theater in Mainz and the Peter Cornelius Conservatory in Mainz, the Young Ensemble of the Mainz State Theater was established to promote promising young artists.