School Music/ Music Education Division

The School Music/ Music Education Division is responsible for training future secondary school teachers of music. This academic training takes five years and includes the subject of Music with a significant number of class contact hours, a non-artistic minor subject with so-called "minor facultas" (for teaching up to grade 10) and Educational Science.

The subject Music consists of subject-specific practical-artistic, academic, and didactic elements. The subject-specific artistic-practical training includes one instrument and voice, choir conducting, and practical piano playing for a school setting. The subject-specific academic element includes Musicology and Music Theory, while the subject-specific didactic element encompasses various events relevant from a music education point of view as well as teaching practice.

For some years now, the Mainz School of Music has been offering its students the option of training as an instructor in a wind instrument, string instrument, or choir class as part of the didactic element of the course. This includes the teaching of basic skills in all the usual wind and string instruments.

Via collaboration across all the divisions in the Music School, the Music Education program offers a wide range of learning options in different musical styles. The focus here is on project-oriented seminars where the students can work on and present to the public their own musical presentations (composition, arrangement, theatrical performing, etc.). The aim is for students to gain the necessary experience for implementing action-oriented, modern music lessons.

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Professor Dr. Valerie Krupp-Schleußner

Music pedagogy
Management Division of School Music / Music Education

Professor Christopher Miltenberger

School-relevant piano playing
Management Division of School Music / Music Education

Other professors:
Professor Dr. Immanuel Ott (Music theory)
Professor Dr. Anne Steinbach (Elementary Music Education)

Academic Staff/Teachers for special subjects:
Eva-Marie Schmitt (Elementary Music Education)
Markus Höller (School-relevant piano playing)
Dr. Michael Staudt (School-relevant piano playing)
Dorothee Streich (Elementary Music Education)