Keyboard Instruments Division

The Keyboard Instruments Division at JGU's School of Music offers broad and innovative concepts for studying piano in its Bachelor of Music (Piano) course (8 semesters), Master of Music (Piano) course (4 semesters) and Piano Concert Examination course (4 semesters), while also offering a Master's degree course Song Accompaniment and Répétiteur.

The Bachelor of Music (Piano) degree course has replaced the former Music Education diploma and is the first vocational qualification required by those planning to work as instrumental teachers or as freelance musicians. At the core of the course are the piano as major and minor subject, solo performance and chamber music and aspects of music education. To be accepted for the Master's degree program, applicants must hold a Bachelor of Music (Piano) degree or similar qualification. The course is designed to further their instrumental skills and artistic creativity. A special feature is the two-semester course in conducting, which is designed to provide participants with the skills required to conduct from the piano.

The Master's degree course Song Accompaniment and Répétiteur covers an extensive repertoire of oratorios and opera literature. Graduates of this degree program will be able to work independently with singers, ensembles and perform at concerts as accompanists. Their potential vocational field includes work at theaters, music schools, conservatories and universities.

The postgraduate Piano Concert Examination course (admission requirement: Bachelor of Music (Piano) degree or similar qualification), which leads to the highest possible degree, is open to pianists with a marked artistic personality and above-average instrumental technique.

A competition is held every two years for graduates of the Piano Concert Examination course, and the winner of the sponsorship prize has the opportunity to perform as soloist with the Philharmonic State Orchestra. Young, talented pianists still at high school may be admitted to the preparatory course. Students of the School of Music are entitled to attend master classes organized by the school free of charge.